Johanna Cannelongo

Johanna is a Jesus follower and so blessed to be the wife to Brian, who is an incredible daddy, coach, and chef. She is a grateful mama of eight amazing children—four naturally and four 'supernaturally' by the gift of adoption. She lives in Maryland on a little farmette with many fuzzy barnyard buddies (many who are featured in 'Hope's Garden Song'), juicy mulberry trees, and a beautiful garden, 'Gianna’s Garden of Hope,' which is featured in her book.

Her unique garden was started under a fallen mulberry tree from the seed of deep pain after her daughter, Gianna Lilyfaith, ran ahead to heaven at age six in the early spring of 2018. Their garden was planted to honor her bravery, light, and joy, and it also became a powerful visual of the hope we all have in our Good Glorious Gardener, whose stories never end in death!

She is a writer, blogger, photographer and book lover who has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and has been a teacher for over 20 years. She is passionate about helping families navigate the difficult journey of grief, pain, trauma, or loss by offering visuals, story, and language to both the deep sorrow and the deeper HOPE of God's promises.

Johanna is also passionate about orphan-care and adoption and founded, with her family, a 501(c)(3) to grow and bloom love and hope for the orphan, poor, hurting, and most vulnerable in the world. She also runs a therapy farm, “Gias-Hope Farm Friends,” to nurture hurting hearts with the gift of God’s creation.


Hope's Garden Song

A powerful allegory

This book was written help hurting families learn to sing a new song of HOPE together, while also cultivating a safe space for their deep sorrows.

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Hope's Garden Song
Hope's Garden Song

This story takes place in a special beloved broken garden, among tender, broken-hearted animals that weep over its unexpected destruction from a terrible winter storm right before the highly anticipated celebration of Spring.

The hurting and confused animals, who lose their favorite tree and their precious Lily flower, learn what it means to weep together, grieve together and HOPE together too. In the midst of their journey of pain, a special butterfly friend, named “Hope” teaches them a new song to sing. Through a journey of questioning, doubt, anger, and honest wrestling…

They come to discover that their “Great Gardener” who weeps with them, is always working, always close, always doing a new thing even when they can't see Him.

Hope's “garden song” becomes their light in the darkness and the anthem that ultimately comforts their broken hearts as they trust their Good Gardener. This endearing and powerful parable is for all ages and honors both the depths of shared sorrow that families sometimes have to walk through and the overwhelming joy of a deep shared HOPE too.

When read together, this story will give needed language to validate the raw realities of disappointment, trauma and loss, while also celebrating the deeper truth that we can trust all our broken gardens to the Great Gardener's good hands and loving heart.

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"Behold, I am making all things new." (Rev. 21:5)

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